Windshield washer system leak?

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Windshield washer system leak?

Postby wkearney99 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:09 am

My 47 Eastbay has had an intermittent leak from the AC vents over the port side windshield. Not often and not constant and previously had only happened during delivery during rough conditions with a lot of spray. I had been thinking it was due to a leak coming down from the flybridge "somehow". I may have found a different source.... the windshield washer system valve.

Right above the windshields is an air plenum for the HVAC. That plenum has various gauges mounted into removable panels (computank, dc helm switches, radio, etc). Behind the panel above the port windshield is a Danfoss valve, part# EV210A. It has a 1/2" rubber line into it and a 1/4" whale-type plastic line coming out. I think that's what has been causing the intermittent leak. The coincidence seems to be powering up the fresh water pump, not necessarily the operation of the washer system.

The body of the valve is able to rotate on the fitting. The brass line fitting is secured to the boat, but the black/gray electrical portion of the valve can be turned around where it meets the brass. Is it supposed to be able to do this?

I couldn't quite tell exactly where the water was leaking, but it did not seem to be coming from the line fittings.

Is the valve seat a serviceable part? And is this valve used anywhere else in the boat? If I'm ordering parts I might as well order more than one if it's used elsewhere.
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