Auto Pilot rudder shaft attachment arm

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Auto Pilot rudder shaft attachment arm

Postby r1g2w3 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:00 pm

Next question; and thanks to everyone out there with more experience who make this forum such a great resource.

We will be installing a Navico/Simrad DD15 A/P electric drive directly to the rudder shaft. We will have get a machine shop to fabricate an arm a little over 200mm long to connect to the DD15.

The Drive is essentially the Jefa - Type 1 drive with a feedback arm included; & built for Navico.

There are two choices for the arm;

First would be to fasten it below the quadrant on the shaft with a "round" shaft clamped connection. Might have to move the quadrant up an inch or so to make room. This would negate the ability to use the emergency tiller handle unless we removed the A/P arm.

Second would be to mount it above the quadrant on the shaft where the shaft has a "square" profile. This is the same as the quadrant connection, and easier to be assured that it won't slip on the shaft. The forces involved are significant. Might have to move the quadrant down an inch or so to make room and still allow for the emergency tiller handle to be used if required. - This is my first choice.

Another issue is what metal to use. I expect the shaft is bronze like everything else - rudder, quadrant, etc. But not sure if local shops can make a bronze arm. Steel or aluminum would certainly be easier to source, but are did similar metals.

Jefa's arms are made out of " high strength aluminium AlMgSi1" - not cast. Jefa's arms are for "round" shaft profiles.

Any advice on either issue would be greatly appreciated.

Also; are there any detail drawings showing the rudder shaft and quadrant from above on the site or elsewhere? Thanks.

Thanks again.

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