ISSUE RESOLVED : Servo-Tek Compressor

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ISSUE RESOLVED : Servo-Tek Compressor

Postby kildarian » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:57 am

Looking for some advice. Have a Servo-Tek Polarmarine refrigeration compressor, whick probably pre-dates the boat! Servo-Tek stopped producing marine compressors in the 1980's. Finding it impossible to get advice on how to safely remove this now defunct item. Local HVAC companies are not even willing to comment. My biggest concern is the refrigerant leak in a confined area. Has anyone done this and willing to share experiences.

Servo-Tek was purchased in 2010 by Marsh Bellofram in West Virginia. When Marsh Bellofram purchased the company, the only prints and documentation that was sold were for the tachometers and encoders, nothing on the refrigerators or compressor.

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