Joystick necessary with thruster?

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Joystick necessary with thruster?

Postby AllanKay » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:31 am

Adding a bow thruster to 42 GB twin screw. Reading up on this the experts advise a larger tunnely unit - like 10" and 130+ KgF thrust - if you use a joystick. This is because people tend to overheat the thruster with a joystick control. Also, because of electrical efficiency, the norm is to stick two 12 volt battery (24 vdc) forward with the thruster.

I don't want batteries way up in my bow, under the berth deck. Perhaps I should use a more typical 95 KgF thruster, 8" tunnel, and forego the joystick control.

What do you experienced people advise on running cables from my house bank battery 12 vdc and a transformer to get 24 vdc?

Is the joystick unnecessary?
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Re: Joystick necessary with thruster?

Postby wkearney99 » Wed Feb 20, 2019 7:15 pm

Anything could get over-used. The key with any thruster setup is to remind yourself that it's power is limited. I try to plan my docking like I don't even have thrusters. And then only use them sparingly. If you keep that in mind it won't matter what kind of control you've got. I've got bow and stern thrusters and have to say the dual joystick setup is fantastic. One big benefit is you're not looking down to find the buttons to operate the thrusters. It's much easier to be keeping an eye on the water and move from the throttles to the joysticks.

As for battery placement, the farther away you put them, the larger, heavier and more expensive the wire needs to be to supply the thruster.
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Re: Joystick necessary with thruster?

Postby Sangraal » Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:13 am

The need for a bow thruster on a twin engine 42 is marginal IMHO. I have a bow thruster in a bigger 54’ 70,000# boat with a long keel and make it a point to minimize use of a thruster. Don’t get me wrong they make life easier however I try not to rely on anything other than the main engines for manoveriing where possible. Your concern of overuse / overheating is very real. As for controls, I have a joystick on the lower helm and a toggle switch on the fly bridge. I don’t pretend to be the most seasoned mariner on this forum but found the 42 could be turned easily within a little over a boat length a full 360 degrees with use of the gears, engines, rudders. Good luck in which ever direction you choose to go.
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