One bung....

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One bung....

Postby Tom Overs » Sun Apr 22, 2018 3:08 pm

Well as you may have seen, Little Ship is back in the water for the summer. First night on board and the weather Gods decided we needed some rain.

I was woken this morning around 06.00 with a drip on my arm.??? Yep, that's it, got a leak over my bunk :? On investigation you would have thought there was a bloody great hole in the deck..... Nope, one deck bung on the corner had come out, probably with being dry in the shed over the winter.

Clean it out, mix a little epoxy and bang a new bung in...... Job done. Now all I have to do is refit the head lining and replace the trims. It's now pouring down and alls well over my bunk again :P

PS. Hope you all keep dry.
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