Great Electronics repair service

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Great Electronics repair service

Postby dond » Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:45 pm

Hi folks,

Recently I had an issue with my Raymarine E120 plotter- I lost 95% of the backlighting on the screen. I was referred to a fellow named Steve at Jaytron in Bradenton, Florida. All I can say is WOW!

During my initial call to him he spent all the time I needed diagnosing the problem, being sure to check off those simple items that I might have been doing to cause the issue. Once we realized the unit needed service he gave me clear instructions on how to pack, what to send, etc. He also gave me an estimate.

It gets better. He had the unit on Monday. At 1:30 the same day he sends me an email with a picture of the unit fully repaired and operational. We chatted on the phone and he explained exactly what work he performed. Very cordial and professional. Estimate was spot on. By that evening the unit was back to UPS, scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. Truly exctional service.

I have no affiliation with Jaytron; just wanted to pass along info on a great customer service experience.

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