Fresh water pump died

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Fresh water pump died

Postby wkearney99 » Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:01 pm

Ah, the joys of boat ownership. The fresh water pump on my 47 Eastbay died on me last Sunday. Just as I was finishing rinsing off the soap!

Fortunately the pump's located in an easy to access location. And Fawcett had one in stock right there on the shelf. I'd have replaced just the 'wet end' but 5 of the six screws holding it onto the motor were seized up tight and stripped out with any kind of force. Drilling them out was a no-go as the heat of drilling just deformed the plastic housing. So a total replacement was in order. The job wasn't difficult, but lordy was it SWEATY. I'd had the C-12's cranking for a trip back home the night before and they still had a fair bit of residual heat. That and it was 98F outside. It had to have been at least 110F in the engine room.

While the part number is the same, the new wet end uses slightly different fittings. But it was easy enough to unscrew/replace the old ones. Everything else lined up perfectly. I did take the time to put an in-line connector on the power/ground. If just to make it simpler to swap out next time.
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