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Celibate Life

Postby reverendbob » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:49 pm

A young man joins a monastery, he is taken to a desk and seated, his assignment is to transcribe a copy of an ancient document by hand with ink and quill, and reproduce it using his finest skills in calligraphy.

He begins by proof reading the copy, the oldest of the monks walks over to introduce himself. Greetings brother, I wish to welcome you, I sat at this very desk three score years ago, a young soul just as you yourself are now. In fact, on my first day I copied that very same document; "Celibate Life", the very basis of how we live out our monastic lives for decades behind these very walls. If there is anything I can do, or explain to you to be of help, ask freely.

The young monk holds up the page and says: "should we not compare the copies we make with the original from time to time, in case an error is not caught?". The old monk raises an eyebrow and nods; "you make a valid point, I am the keeper of the vault key and will gladly compare the two to put your mind at ease".

The old monk descends the stairs leading to the vault as the young monk waits patiently. Time passes and the young man becomes concerned, as he gets up from his desk, he hears the old monk's foot step's coming slowly up the steps, then appearing a broken man as he comes into view with the copy crumpled in his left hand, and the original in his right.

Brother are you not well? asks the young monk, "No...not well at all...there was an error...a word was wrong". We can correct it, all is not lost replies the young monk, ....it's only one word? The old monk shakes his head and says; "The Word is Celebrate!".


"If it's gonna happen, it'll happen out there"

"Don't worry about old age, it doesn't last long"
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