Counting Sheep

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Counting Sheep

Postby 2Bucks » Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:52 am

A farmer has 895 sheep. Realizing that this is quite a lot of sheep for one farm, and his only sheepdog is getting a old, he decides he'll probably need a whole team of dogs to round so many sheep up.
So the next day, the farmer goes to the pet store. He looks around at the various herding dogs- they seem very fit, but young and untrained. The shopkeeper asks the farmer if he wants any help.
"Why yes," says the farmer. I need a team of sheepdogs to help round up my flock. I have a rather large number of sheep, and I don't think any of these young pups would be up to the task of rounding up so many."
The shopkeeper says, "I've got just the thing for you." and leads the farmer into a small back room, where a single sheepdog sits waiting.
"Are you sure?" asks the farmer, "I have very many sheep and I don't think one dog will be able to round all of them up.".
"I'm sure." says the shopkeeper, "This is a very intelligent dog. He's been well-trained for many jobs and has skills beyond any other dog I've ever seen."
"Yes," says the dog, "I know six languages, eight martial arts and I have a degree in engineering." The farmer, clearly very impressed by this dog- who wouldn't be impressed by that?- decides to take him home.
That afternoon, the farmer and the dog walk together up hill, and from the top they can see the entire flock covering the fields. "Well," says the farmer, "I'd like you to round up all of these sheep.".
"Okay." replies the dog, "You have nine hundred sheep."

You're a dirty rotten scoundrel if you say you saw that one coming.
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Postby Bob Lowe » Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:07 am

GOOD ONE, 2Bucks! :)
Good luck,
Bob Lowe
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