Old Age: Getting off and on

Old Age: Getting off and on

Postby AllanKay » Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:13 pm

I sold my GB 42 Classic because it simply was too much work for me. We all know the effort required. So, now I am shopping for a newer boat with plastic and stainless steel everywhere.

Some years ago, my wife broke her leg below the knee by jumping down from a high-deck boat. She is gun-shy of anything but dock steps now.

How do people handle their own lines on high-deck boats that may have a swim step entry but all else is 4 feet up? I note that many boaters back in the slip so to use the swim step. I have seen boats coming in bow first with people aft to step off the swim step with line in hand and try to dodge the tar-covered piling adjacent to the swim step. Most recreational docks are too short to use the swim step on a 42 foot or longer boat. As for the marina giving help, I have had them tell me "too busy" to send anyone.

Because I am buying the next boat to work with the future disabled, this is leading me to only those boats with bulwark doors and these are difficult to find.

Are there an aluminum step to hang down that have a platform for attaching midship? Ever seen a pole gizmo to attach the line from the safety of the deck? You know of custom things to have made and safely solve this problem?

Appreciate the thoughts.
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