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Postby grich737 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:30 am

I started some time ago on the bulwarks project this winter and wanted to post a few pictures. I had an issue at the glue joints, they were cracking an thus cracking the paint over time. My bulwarks are solid and laid up mahogany strips that are screwed down together. Originally I thought to use a router with a 16th and 1/8 bit to open the seams up and apply the epoxy. I changed my thinking and used a sharpened point on a file end bent over. I removed all the paint down to wood and reefed all the bad seams. I purchased from this company http://www.epoxyproducts.com/kevlar4u.html Its a 1 to 1 mix and more like a paste when mixed. I applied with a one inch putty knife cleaning up any epoxy left of either side of the seam. I found that the epoxy was fairly easy to sand with eighty grit and with all the bulwarks I used about ten sheets on our 6in random orbital sander. We are in the fairing stage now with the first coat of fairing compound applied and sanded and the second coat is to be sanded this weekend. The second coat was nothing more than spot checking lines that I may have missed. I going to primer them next weekend as the weather is warming up above 50 in the boat house using a epoxy base two part primer and paint. I will post pictures as progress is made.

Items used:
metabo paint remover
6inch sander
one inch putty knife
file bent over and sharpened to a point
epoxy as discribed
1 gal Acetone to clean prior to applying epoxy
80 grit sandpaper
150grit sandpaper
fairing compound
1qt epoxy primer
1 qt actavator
1qt bushing thinner
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