A tad windy soon.

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A tad windy soon.

Postby Tom Overs » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:31 am

There are many things that come from the States that I like, some of the beers, cars some of the boat designs and my Colonial friends. But, there are somethings that should in my opinion stay well away from the UK. :shock:

This week we are going to be hit by the remnants of hurricane "Maria" obviously it won't be anywhere near as destructive as it was over the pond but we are expecting 50mph + winds by Tuesday.

I've had an email from the marina informing me about this and asking where extra lines are to help tie down the boat if necessary. The marina staff are excellent at looking after and caring for customers assets in their care.

This summer has been very windy and wet up in Scotland and that's curtailed my cruising this year. I normally do in the region of 180hrs, this year I've only done 60. The weather is changing as some scientists are predicting, my only hope is that that the weather settles down again soon for next years cruising.

I've watched the news over the past months and have felt that this must have been the worst year for destructive hurracains on record, my thoughts go out to all that have been hit by this seasons hurricanes, and for those that will get hit by the remnants of this one in the Uk.

So, keep sending the cars and beers :twisted: but if anyone can help at keeping the winds down....... please do so. :P

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